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Fulfillment you can count on

Your warehouse should be an extension of your business. IDF employs a simple, yet effective process to help your business continue to run smoothly outside of your walls.


IDF warehouses are spacious and boast multiple loading docs where your product is quickly off-loaded.


BlueBox technology gives you instant visibility as your product is digitally logged into the system on site.


Customers can check current shelved inventory any time. BlueBox makes it easy for you to keep track.

Pick & Pack

Outfitted with digital scanners and tablets running BlueBox, IDF employees are guided to exactly which products are ready to ship.


Modern prep-stations armed with BlueBox software help IDF employees package and label your orders just the way you want.


Leveraging the shipping expertise of iDrive Logistics, IDF gets your product where it belongs in the smartest, most affordable way.

Bringing it together with BlueBox technology

A lot of the IDF magic is powered by its proprietary web application, BlueBox Logistics. You are going to love what it can do for you!

Customer service... by humans

Each account is given a dedicated operations service lead within the warehouse to ensure the best possible service for your product needs.

One software to rule them all

IDF uses BlueBox for all order fulfillment within its warehouses. Avoiding third-party technology makes the process seamless and more accurate.

Getting things right

We have a very low error rate that helps with order pickup. Our warehouse will improve your fulfillment speed and accuracy.

Strategic locations for better distribution

Our warehouses are strategically located, allowing you to choose the best place to keep your inventory. That can increase your delivery time up to 46%!

up to
46% faster

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Customize with software integration

IDF's BlueBox technology will integrate with many of the software and services your business already uses!

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Connect IDF technology to Netsuite’s business management suite.


Connect your Shopify account to help you build your business from your website.


Returnly that helps online retailers and brands bring frictionless returns to the modern shopper.


Flexport delivers deep visibility and control, low and predictable supply chain costs, and faster and more reliable transit times.

Consider IDF for your fulfillment

When selecting a fulfillment partner, a good fit is paramount. Find out if IDF is the right choice for you.

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