It’s the questions IDF gets asked the most.

What are your shipping rates?

IDF has excellent group rates that are used in its warehouse. If you want to use your shipping account, that can work, too. Please contact IDF for quotes on rates for your average packages.

How do you process returns?

IDF offers full return service. Your product will be sent back to an IDF warehouse where it will be processed according to your instructions, re-shelved, and entered back in inventory.

Does your technology have the ability to change orders? How is that handled?

IDF's WMS (BlueBox) allows you to change orders until the picking and packing process has begun. At that point, the order is locked, but address changes can still be made until the packing process is completed.

My company uses an e-Commerce website. Do you have an API for it?

The answer is most likely yes. BlueBox (IDF's WMS system) enables quick integration and IDF's development team is experienced with most APIs. If you use a common website such as Shopify, it is likely that the integration is already built in, and it simply needs to be enabled for your product.

Can you store some extra pallets for us?

Yes! IDF can provide warehousing-only services. Contact IDF for a pricing quote.

What is your pricing model?

IDF customizes pricing for each client depending on a number of factors including: SKU count, product size, and packaging requirements. In general, IDF aims to provide pricing that is less than 5% of monthly revenue.

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